Additional services

It is the Landlords’ responsibility to ensure that the property meets the Repairing Standard and it’s kept is good condition during the tenancy with some exemptions caused by the tenant. At Brownstate, we offer wide range of additional services including inventories, repairs and maintenance, gardening and cleaning. We also use trusted contractors to carry out work on your property.

We can arrange all legal requirements on your behalf such as:

We will also check if your property meet the Repairing Standard and Tolerable Standard, that your property has smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. All smoke alarms must be powered and interlinked. Each property must also meet The Furniture and Furnishing Fire Safety Regulations. If your property is an HMO you will need to meet additional safety criteria. Don’t worry, we will ensure that you are up to date with the current legislations which are rapidly changing.

We will inspect your property regularly to ensure that is kept in good condition and meet standards. 

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